In memoriam

After John’s death, the New York Jazz Journal offered an In memoriam section in its December 2012 issue, scroll to p. 14/15.

It opens with this contribution by Roswell Rudd:

“It was just about this time in 1963 that I found myself sitting in with John Tchicai at a midtown NYC restaurant. Don Cherry had sent me; he thought John and I would sound good together and he was right: Thus began a musical partnership that endured until the end of 1965. We worked on getting a sound and gradually the music came. I emphasize sound because John had a very warm, original and instantly recognizable sound. What became The New York Art Quartet was his idea. We had some colorful musical experiences together, a few of which are documented. I feel I owe much of my musical inspiration at the time to John Tchicai’s vision. His is a heavy loss.”