Clips & Scores

Teaching clip

John Tchicai on “How to study improvisation”, at a workshop in Holland in the late ’80s. (slight distortion from old music cassette…). A transcript can be found here, et ici pour une traduction française.

Sound clips

“Go down, Moses” – John Tchicai & Pierre Dørge on “Ball at Louisiana”, live-CD, recorded in 1981 at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

“Two for Benedetto”, composition by Tchicai, from “Put up the fight”, John Tchicai & Strange Brothers, recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1987

“Ramana Maharshi”, composition by Tchicai, from “Love is Touching” by John Tchicai & the Archetypes in Sacramento, CA, 1994

“These Pink Roses”, Tchicai reciting a poem by Steve Dalachinsky, project with Spring Heel Jack, CD “John Tchicai with Strings”, recorded 2005

Music scores